Tuesday, January 31, 2017



Jakarta-based Endurance Triathlete, Runner, Cyclist, Consultant; On a journey to:
  • IRONMAN World Championships
  • Sub-3 Marathons
  • A Healthier World

What's This Blog About?

All about the journey above, with focus on the "Healthier World" part.

Why This Blog?

  • Connect and Share with each other
  • Guide each other (avoid reinventing the wheel)
  • Inspire each other


  1. Training: Methods, Tips, Sport science behind.
  2. Racing: Strategy, Plans, Tips.
  3. Nutrition: Articles, Plans and Tips.
  4. Race reports and reviews
  5. Endurance sport gear reviews
  6. Endurance events calendar: in Indonesia (and South East Asia).
  7. Endurance Feed: Training sessions and races.
  8. Social Feed

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