Monday, March 11, 2019

Case Study: Steadiness and Variability over Ah-Poong Loop (Sentul City)

A. Ah-Poong loop (x10) with controlled (steady) intensity:   

  1. Power: Power output mostly in a single zone (2 in this example) and only going to mid-Z1 in the steep descent (once per lap)
  2. Cadence: Steady in 85-90rpm and only dips once per lap too (in steep descent)
  3. Variability: Low at VI=1.03

B. Ah-Poong loop (x12) with a poorly controlled intensity:


  1. Power: Notice power output fluctuating up and down from Z1 all the way up to Z6
  2. Cadence: Wide fluctuation every time there’s a change in gradient (55-95 rpm)
  3. Variability: High at VI=1.08

  1. Monitor your IF (or Lap IF, if doing intervals) on your computer (vs target) and stay in Target zone 
  2. Shift accordingly, to stay in both target zones: a. Power (primarily), b. Cadence (secondarily) 
  3. Shift smoothly and gradually:

Conclusion:        Ride the course, don’t let the course ride you.