Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Zwift Companion - New Workout Screen

So I tested the new Workout screen on the new Zwift Companion last night, and sweet 90 minutes later:
TOP3 features below, but Verdict first: Definitely more convenient than the “old” Map screen.

TOP3 Features:

1. Adjust intensity +/- 10%
E.g. Still feeling strong in that last interval? … or rather wimpy maybe? There is no harm (or shame) in adjusting +/- single-digit % as long as you’re still in the target power zone.

2. Deactivate/Reactivate ERG
E.g. When doing 20” sprints @140% IF, by the time your smart trainer gradually smoothens intensity to give you 440w without interrupting your pedaling, 10'' out of the 20'' would be gone and you end up working only half the target time in target intensity.
I recommend deactivating ERG for the sprints, then reactivating it when you’re done.

3. Swipe a block (an interval) right to skip it
E.g. Your kid is hungry, need to cut the CD short :)

Ride on!