Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Work vs. Play "Clash of Jargon"

Age Groupers; We are the heart and soul of endurance sports, the bread and butter of sport events; We juggle our addictive -and often grueling- passion with full time jobs, family and social life, but when we do so, the jargon clashes sometimes.

As a Risk Management consultant in a telecom company, I often attend KOM's with PM's and MS during the week, they are Kick-off Meetings with Project Managers and Managed Service engineers. On the weekend however, I attack KOM's using a PM in my ride's MS, which stands for: Having a go at "King of the Mountain" segments using a Power Meter in my ride's Main Set; and that always draws a smile on my face (in both the meeting and the ride), the list goes on ... Have fun:

 Acronym  My Job  My Tri Life
 AP  Accounts Payable  Average Power
 ATL  Above The Line  Acute Training Load
 BB  Blackberry  Bottom Bracket
 BPM  Business Process Management  Beats Per Minute
 CTL  Control  Chronic Training Load
 DNS  Domain Name System  Did Not Start
 EO  Executive Officer  Event Organizer
 FO  Front Office  Force
 FTP  File Transfer Protocol  Functional Threshold Power
 HR  Human Resources  Heart Rate
 HRM  Human Resources Management  Heart Rate Monitor
 IM  Information management  Ironman
 KOM  Kick-off Meeting  King of the Mountain
 LT  Long Term  Lactate Threshold
 ME  Mobile Equipment  Muscular Endurance
 MS  Managed Service  Maximum Strength
 MS  Mobile Station  Main Set
 NP  New Product  Normalized Power
 OTB  Out-of-the-box  Off The Bike
 PM  Project Manager  Power Meter
 PR  Public Relations  Personal Record
 RD  Research & Development  Rear Derailleur
 SD  Service Delivery  Sprint Distance
 SS  Support System  Sweet Spot / Speed Skills
 T  Test  Transition
 TT  Trouble Ticket  Time Trial

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